Tuesday, March 27, 2012

happy birthday to ME

hye n Asslmualaikum..today is my besday 27/3..seriusly im very2 happy..thanks my family,busu n my friends..still ingt my besday..terlampau byk wish dr kwn2,terharu pon ade jgk nie..lebih 200+ org yg wish..thanks alot..firstly..abg nk ucapkan terima kasih byk2 kt papa..bg abg present yg sgt benilai..im very2 appreciate..now abg pon daa bsr..daa msok 19thn..abg akn ingt nasihat papa..i hope,i will get good life n happy always..insyaallah..abg akn ingt jasa n pengorbanan papa n mama..you r the best in the world..iloveyousomuch <3..insyaallah i try my best for final exm..hope my pointer will be increase..hehe :) syukur alhamdulilah..everything is be okay..thank you so much..:)) may allah bless you

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