Tuesday, June 14, 2011

First Day.

13.6.2011-first aq di KLMU..really2 excited n interesting about that..coz aq mcm bmimpi je..HAHA,..first overall,smpai kt KLMU kul 9pg..pehh nk baratur pnyee laa pjg utk sesi pndaftaran..espically i kn bdk baru..so kne laa ikot praturan..n everyday must look smart..so bile da abis sesi pndaftaran kt KLMU..kne laa bkumpul kt hotel plak utk sesi taklimat..lme kot nk dgr ceramah,boring gler..pas smua da settle..baru relax skit..hari pertame buat idop aq jd klang kabut..sumpah memenat kn..lg2 i nie new students.still tercari2..yelaa..owg baru nk blaja idop sndiri kn..hahaha..klakar gler..but slmt laa dpt kwn2 yg baik n sporting..so i really2 enjoy stdy at KLMU..so pas nie i must study hard and be carefully..cos 3 years is a long time,anything can happen..but i always pray n try to get good result espically in my course E-business,,sem 1 i want pass n try our best..you can do it...PAPA & MAMA u are the best in my world byk bg support kt abg..thank you very much..;)

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