Monday, December 5, 2011

final exam !!

woa final final final..yahuuuu mcm bermimpi je..haha..seconds for the waiting,esk aku daa start final exm..wish me gdluck k..i try our best :) insyaallah everything can be can do it,do the examination just two weeks :)

time table for final exam
selasa   6/12/2011  [9.00-12.00a.m]-Introduction to business
khamis 8/12/2011  [9.00-12.00a.m]-Introduction to information technology
Isnin    12/12/2011[9.00-12.00a.m]-English proficiency
rabu     14/12/2011[9.00-12.00a.m]-MT
jumaat 16/12/2011[9.00-12.00a.m]-IT application

      All the best !!

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